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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Trading Partner Identification in HL7 Domain

Trading Partner Identification in HL7 Domain

Trading Partners are identified by default based on the Exchange. For MLLP based Exchange it is MLLP ID which is used for Trading partner Identification. It is possible to use IP Address (prefereble) or Host Name for the Idenfication.
Need to create MLLP ID as the Identification Type and use it as part of Agreement.

It is also possible to Identify the TP based on the payload attributes such as

a. Sending App MSH:3
b. Sending Facility MSH:4
c. Receiving App MSH:5
d. Receiving Facility MSH:6

Set the following property in

oracle.tip.adapter.b2b.hl7.identifyFromTP = SendingApp | SendingFacility | ReceivingApp | ReceivingFacility

Make sure to create the appropriate Trading partner identification such as Sending App ID, Receiving App ID , Sending Facility , Receiving Facility with values. However there is no mandate to use these Identifier as part of the Agreement like in case of Exchange Identifiers. When B2B receives the incoming message it compares the value of SendingApp with the configured value of Sending App ID in the TP identification for identifying the remote Trading partner.

It is also possible to use a combination of these identifiers and can be specified in the with comma seperated values.

e.g oracle.tip.adapter.b2b.hl7.identifyFromTP= SendingAPP,SendingFacility,ReceivingApp

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