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Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Birthday on June 3rd

Thanks a lot for all of the Birthday wishes on June 3rd. I received close to 1000 emails wishes for the first time in my life for my Birthday and i am very much thrilled. I never thought i have so many friends in my Blogging community.

Thanks again. you have made my day.


Sunday, June 1, 2008

How to change the metadata in Document Editor ? I.e to change the length of Country code.

File Naming convention in File/FTP Delivery channel

Often times it is a challenge to follow the file naming convention as it is send by the Trading partner. However for File/FTP Delivery Chanel following a File naming convention is mandatory if the identification is based on Exchange. This can be addressed by

1. Setting oracle.tip.adapter.b2b.allTPInOneDirectory = false and create a directory specific to the trading partner and have the Trading Partner drop the files in the Trading Partner specific folder. This will help B2B to identify the Trading partner with out any file naming convention.

2. Identify the trading partner using Group sender /Interchange sender ID.

Create an Identification as EDI Interchange ID/EDI Group ID in the Trading Partner profile, and assign a value. Make sure to have Trading partner send this value in either Interchange Sender ID or Group Sender ID in the payload. EDI Interchange ID /Group ID defined in the Trading Partner profile need not have to be part of the Identifier used in the agreement.

How To Handle Trimming Spaces in the EDI payload

Ideally there should not be Trimming spaces in the EDI payload , which results in a parsing Error while message processing. This can be handles either by

a. Requesting the customer to Trim the spaces in the end of the payload.
b. Ignoring the Parsing error due to spaces. This can be done by

suppressing the error in $ORACLE_HOME/ip/oem/edifecs/XEngine/config/ErrorSeverityConfig.xml

An error code example is 50420000. In this example, you need to append this towards the end of the ErrorSeverityConfig.xml file.

<Criteria Name="ErrorID" Value="50420000"/>
<SetSeverity SeverityID="0"/>