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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

AS2 File name Preserve Feature

In order to preserve the filename Between different Enterprise corresponding to Trading Partner Oracle AS B2B offers a filename Preserve feature as part of the AS2 Exchange Plugin offering. Please follow the below steps.

1.Apply the latest B2B patch.
2.Import the tutorial X12_seller_export.xml in the location $ORACLE_HOME\ip\tutorial\X12\config for Acme
3.Import the tutorial X12_buyer_export.xml in the location $ORACLE_HOME\ip\tutorial\X12\config for GlobalChips.
4.Edit the in the location $ORACLE_HOME\ip\tutorial\X12\runtime and add/edit the property name “actionName=”.
Eg. actionName=contentType:application/octet-stream;filename:abc.xml
7.Start the b2b server
8.enq_850.bat or sh (if OS is linux).
9.B2B will set the filename in the MIME body part i.e Content-Disposition (filename) as part of the AS2 Call..

Sending Application in the Host side should enque the filename (in the actionname AQ header ) as part of the Enque process to IP_OUT_QUEUE which is the default outbound queue provided by Oracle AS B2B. B2B engine will send the filename in MIME body part as part of the AS2 call. The receiving application should have the capability to intercept the MIME body part and obtain the filename.

If the receiving application is Oracle AS B2B it receives the message, extract the filename from the MIME body part and set it as part of the AQ header while enqueing the message to IP_IN_QUEUE in the same way as for outbound.

Even though AS2 does not mandate this filename, Oracle B2B offeres this feature for the benifit of Customer who are relying on filename for further processing.

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Nandhu said...

Also please add the following in the receving end.