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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Oracle AS B2B EDI CookBook

EDI Cookbook

ODETTE standard Support in Oracle AS B2B

The ODETTE standard consists of over thirty messages for deployment in the automotive industry and the messages can use either EDIFACT or TRADACOMS service segments. ODETTE messages are supported as part of B2B EDIFACT Document Protocol offering.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Oracle AS B2B - Performance Best Practices

I am sharing some of the Best practices for Oracle AS B2B Performance. Please feel free to add and make it helpful for the B2B community.


2. set oracle.tip.adapter.b2b.sleepTimeout=1 in (default value 10)

3. use multiple worker IP listener threads in B2B and make sure to do appropriate testing as it is most suited for multiple processor. This is done by setting oracle.tip.adapter.b2b.NumOfIPListeners to appropriate values. However this is not a well tested feature.

4. Use custom queues for processing outbound messages instead of IP_OUT_QUEUE. If you have more load, create multiple queues and load balance among them. For e.g for every 2 messages/sec create an additional queue.

5. oracle.tip.adapter.b2b.defaultIdcOn=false. This turns off the message retrieval from default delivery channel, in case of custom queues as in step 4.

6. change the Log level from DEBUG to ERROR in

7. Batching messages for outbound . This is only for EDI messages.

8. Index B2B_CTLNUM_IN, B2B_CTLNUM_OUT for better EDI throughput.


10.Set the following variables in opmn.xml
<variable id="LDR_CNTRL" value="MAXDATA=0XB0000000@DSA" />
<variable id="LD_PRELOAD" value="/opt01/app/ESIP/oracle/esip10gR2iAS/B2B10gR2/iAS/ip/oem/edifecs/XEngine/bin/" />

11. Set the following JVM parameters in opmn.xml
<data id="java-parameters" value="-verbose:gc -Xp20m,5m -Xloratio0.3 -Xms1024M -Xmx2048m -Xss6144K -Xoss6144K" />

12. Configuring the Row Fetch size

13. Set aq_tm_process = 10 and restart Database. Please note that this value has to be arrived based on the CPU/Memory available. For small to medium infrastructure set the value of 3-5.

14. Use TPACache.

15. Set oracle.tip.adapter.b2b.receiveTimeout=1

16. For better performance, it is advised to deploy the agreements in one Config. Following this suggestion is discretionary.

17. Set appropriate value of polling interval for AQ/JMS based Delivery channel

Monday, October 8, 2007

NCPDP Support in Oracle AS B2B

B2B supports NCPDP/Script through "EDIFACT over Generic" business protocol because its syntax is based on EDIFACT standard.

Control Number in EDI Document Protocol

Control Numbers are included in all header and trailer segments as an additional means of tracking and confirming EDI transmissions. Control numbers issued in the header segments must match control numbers assigned in the trailer segments. An ISA control number must match the IEA control number, the GS control number must match the GE control number, and the ST control number must match the SE control number in each EDI transmission, or there could possibly be errors. Control numbers can be assigned in the following two ways.

Control Number along with the sender ID provides a unique identifier to identify incoming EDI data from a sender. Following are various control numbers,

Interchange Control Number : Originated by the sender and is typically a sequence number. This together with the sender ID uniquely identifies the Interchange.
Functional Group Control Number :This Uniquely identifies Group.
Transaction Set Control Number : This Uniqely Identifies Transaction Set.

Control Numbers are predominantly used for correlation at various stages; it may be correlation in the back end application or correlation in the B2B application.

Control Number Generated by Back end Application

This is the most likely case as back end application uses the Interchange, Group and Transaction Set Control Number for correlation at various levels and also for correlating the control/Aperack and business messages.

E.g. To correlate 850 EDI message with 997 and 855.

Control Number Generated by B2B

B2B Generates the control number only in case the Back end application send the EDI message with the Keyword #controlNumber for e.g.


Oracle AS B2B fills in the unique number for Interchange and Transaction set Control Number and uses it for correlating the incoming Control messages.

This is not a preferred approach, as most of the correlation has to happen in the back end application.

Processing VICS document using Oracle AS B2B

Oracle AS B2B offers VICS support based on X12 Document Plugin.Please follow the below steps.

1. create the document guidelines for the VICS 850 & 997 from the X12 4010 guildelines rather than the VICS guidelines

2. create a group ecs file based on the one from the Xengine directory
that has the codelist for GS08 removed

3. create a protocol for version "4010VICS" (004010VICS doesn't work). specify the new group ecs from step 2 and install the 2 documents from
step 1 into it.