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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Secure data exchange - Enterprise Architecture

Secure data exchange is an important part of an Enterprise business. This document analyzes few options that can be used in an Enterprise for exchanging sensitive data to external parties. This may be applicable for the sensitive data movement with in Enterprise (i.e., between internal systems).


Customer to define their secure data exchange architectural model. The important pointto consider is that the data should not even visible at the middleware level, meaning it should not be logged at any case to file system, DB and/or to any persistence storage.

Please follow this link for complete document.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Message Prioritization – B2B

In some cases, many enterprises wish to process few critical messages ahead of the rest that arrived in Oracle B2B earlier. There may be several driving force behind this requirement, for an example, message from a specific trading partner. And, there may be much more instances but we are not going to go in detail here as this doesn’t fall under the scope of this document.

Enabling Prioritization:

Oracle B2B has been shipped with AQ queues namely IP_OUT_QUEUE and IP_IN_QUEUE. IP_OUT_QUEUE is used for sending outbound messages and the later used to deliver messages from Trading partner. Those queues can be changed to custom queues and/or other tranport endpoints if needed.

You may enable the prioritization in B2B using transactional transports like AQ and JMS. This applies to both inbound and outbound scenarios.

AQ queues:

You may redefine the IP_OUT_QUEUE to be priority aware queues. Messages that needs to sent ahead of other messages can have a higher priority. And, B2B would start picking up the messages based on priority of message send to AQ queue.

Even though default IP_OUT_QUEUE can be made priority aware queue, we would recommend customers to create custom priority aware queues and use it in agreement.

Please follow this link to create priority aware AQ queues creation script.

For inbound, if you are using AQ queues as partner facing channel, please create priority aware AQ queues and configure the same in agreement. This would enable B2B to operate messages based on their priority for inbound messages also.

JMS Queues:

JMS queues can be used for both inbound and outbound in B2B. By making the JMS queues as a priority aware, you can enable B2B to process messages based on their priority.

Please follow the link to create priority aware queues definition guide for Weblogic.

Note: Weblogic based queue setup is just shown as an example, Oracle B2B can be configured to operate with any standard JMS provider and/or vendor.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Best Practice for handling Large EDI document

There will be a scenario where a large EDI payload with multiple transactions need to be processed by B2B. Processing such a big number (say 10000 transactions - 1 edi payload) need s smart way of handling and passing to backend application.

During this process, the EDI Document processor will generate xml files for all the transaction sets and B2B Engine will process these messages.
By using the following, we can effectively manage the messages by using the optimised SQL Queries.