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Friday, October 31, 2008

PGP Encrypted File Transfer

This feature enables transferring of the externally PGP encrypted message. This can be done by setting below The default value is false.


High Availability with SFTP (SSH FTP) adapter

B2B SFTP adapter can also operate on HA topology like File and FTP adapters. Enabling SFTP adapter on HA environment is fairly simple and the process is as same as in File/FTP HA deployment.

Please refer the HA configuration guidelines for non-transactional transports here,

Monday, October 27, 2008

B2B Installation fundamentals

Installation of B2B on Windows machine

Download B2B: Get this from oracle metalink

Step1: Install Oracle Infrastructure

1. Go to Shiphome location and click on setup.exe
2. Provide necessary oracle home for this Infrastructure installation
3. Complete the installation.

Step 2: j2ee/midtire/OC4J installation

1. Go to Shiphome location and click on setup.exe
2. Provide a separate middleware home. This is different from step1
3. Complete the installation.

Step 3: post installation activity

1. Open a cmd prompt and set the oracle home, An example is shown below
C:\101202\infra_0306> set path=C:\101201\infra_0306\bin;%path%
C:\101202\infra_0306> set ORACLE_HOME= C:\101201\infra_0306
C:\101202\infra_0306> set path=%ORACLE_HOME/bin;%path%
C:\101202\infra_0306> set ORACLE_SID=orcl0306

2. Unlock the b2b user if Meta Data repository is used and shutdown the database
C:\ sqlplus /as sysdba
SQL> alter user b2b identified by b2b account unlock; ; // donot execute for IM –OID installation

SQL> alter system set aq_tm_processes=5 scope=spfile;
SQL> alter system set job_queue_processes=5 scope=spfile;
SQL> alter system set open_cursors=500 scope=spfile;
SQL> commit;
SQL> shutdown immediate;

3. Take the backup of database from oradata directory and name it as orcl_b2b_before

4. Login to database and startup again
C:\ sqlplus /as sysdba
SQL> startup;

5. On j2ee/ midtire terminal start the j2ee server before the installation of b2b
c: /101201/j2ee_0306/opmn/bin/> opmnctl startall

Step 4: B2B installation

1. Go to Shiphome location and click on setup.exe
2. Select the middleware home for b2b installation( Note: Middleware home same as step2)
3. Complete the installation.
4. Once the installation is completed then go to j2ee_0306/ip/config dir and open the tip properties file and change debug levels from ERROR to DEBUG and
change Logtype = text

5. Stop the j2ee server
6. Go back to infra terminal, shutdown the database and take a backup of database and start the database again
c:/ sqlplus /as sysdba
SQL> shutdown immediate;
SQL> quit;
7. Take a backup of database and start the database as orcl_b2b_after.
8. Go to midtire terminal and start the server.

HTTP Basic Authentication

Oracle AS B2B Support HTTP Basic authentication based on Userid and password.

How to Configure basic Authentication.

1. Go to the Transport server section, specify user id and password.
2. In the additional Transport header specify


where myRealm is the realm of the remote trading partner site.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Oracle B2B Downloads


2. Accept and click on next.

3. Select Application Server Integration( , download B2B for Appropriate OS

4. Install the latest patch. Follow

p.S You need to install infrastructure database and application server before installing oracle AS B2B.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Oracle B2B in Retail Industry - Use case scenario

Stay tuned..

Oracle B2B Wiki

Please enhance this Oracle B2B Wiki with case studies used in various business verticals. Thanks in advance.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Oracle B2B on Vista

Oracle B2B is certified on vista. Please refer to this link on details about B2B installation on vista.


Oracle B2B in Chemical Industry - B2B and E-Business suite

Read stories about BPEL & B2B Synergies Reduce Supplier Enablement Costs
Helena Chemical Company Deploys New Technology & Techniques

Helena Chemical deploys Oracle AS, B2B ebXML

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

B2B Startup Issues for a listening End point

Oracle AS B2B will not start if it failed to initialize any of the transport listening end point during start up. Listening end point mean, any end point which has a polling interval.

The user community feels that just for a failure in initialization of some of the listening end points , it is in-appropriate not to start the B2B. This might also results in a huge impact in the business and is justfied in a use case with large number of listening end point. Failure in some of the end point should be ignored and B2B should be started by necessary logging of the failed end points.

With this fix B2B will start even in the following cases.

1) If any receiving delivery channel is misconfigured, such as username and password is not specified for FTP transport.

2) During initialization time, B2B is not able to connect to dataource.

B2B will log the error message as "transport could not be initialized" in b2b.log and the transport logs with the details about the listening end point in the following format


Log also carries information about the delivery channel which failed to initialize.

How To handle two Business Action of Same Name in B2B

One of the popular use case is to Support Business Action with same name and different revision. Follow the below steps.

1. Apply the latest MLR on
2. While defining the business action Use appropriate Name and Revision.
3. Use the appropriate business action and revision for creating Operational capability.
4. Use the appropriate business action and revision for creating Agreement.
5. Deploy and exchange the messages.

Runtime Functionality.

Please follow the post for outbound and inbound user experience for processing business action with same name and different revision.

Business Action with same Name and Different Revision