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Friday, November 16, 2007

B2BSP - B2B service Provider

B2B Commerce Sdn Bhd is a B2B service provider which we help our customer in daily document exchange process. Our customer can be SME or MNC which have different needs.

What we do daily is receive document from sender via either our client software or standard protocol like AS2 or RNIF and perform data translation or transformation, such as data mapping and transform csv file into EDI file using our in-house product, after all these translation and transformation. Then only send the document to receiver.

What is our value, we help SME to send document to their customer or receive document from their customer. Usually SMEs are not able to do it themselves, due to several problems like budget problem, expertise problem.

We are not only helping SME but also MNC, where they have to exchange document in different format and different protocol such as A want send to B via AS2 but B only receive via RNIF. We help MNC to reach to their level 2 or level 3 suppliers, which usually is not AS2 or RNIF enabled.

Here is a scenario of MNC-A send ORDERS to 1 of its SME supplier, MNC-A send us ORDERS via AS2 in EDI format, we received and transform the document from EDI into XML, then SME supplier logon to e-Supplier to view/print/acknowledge the ORDERS.

Another scenario of A send ORDERS to B send us ORDERS via our client software or AS2 in fixed-length format, we received and transform the document from fixed-length to EDI, then send to B via AS2, so B can import the ORDERS into their backend server, like Oracle EBS or SAP.

There are cases that A will upload the document via our web form and we will perform all the required steps before we send to another party.

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