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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Processing VICS document

Oracle AS B2B offers VICS support based on X12 Document Plugin.Please follow the below steps.

1. create the document guidelines for the VICS 850 & 997 from the X12 4010 guildelines rather than the VICS guidelines

2. create a group ecs file based on the one from the Xengine directory
that has the codelist for GS08 removed

3. create a protocol for version "4010VICS" (004010VICS doesn't work). specify the new group ecs from step 2 and install the 2 documents from
step 1 into it.

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Varun said...

Hi Ramesh,

How are you.

Varun here we worked for Timex B2B Integration .

I would be glad if i could have B2B Cookbook, I am working For Emerson another Big Oracle Shop nowdays.