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Friday, November 9, 2007

Comments/Feedback/ Request for New Post

Please feel free to Leave your comments, feedback or request for any Features in B2B which needs to be Explained. Please click on post comment section for the same.


Oracle Fusion Middleware User said...

Please write about Rosettanet Error handling.

Anonymous said...


Please write about customization involved in File/Directory naming convention for FILE/FTP transport.

BillN211 said...

We are trying to create an outbound X12 856 EDI data from XML data created in a BPEL transform service. We have created the .ecs file and exported the .xsd. The .xsd is used in the bpel transform to create the data sent to the B2B server. We have the HL looping structure created and functioning properly, except that there doesn't appear to be any way to create the child-parent HL01-HL02 count in the transform service. We are trying to use an OnUserEndNode script in the .ecs to pull a value from the HL03 element and based on that populate the HL02 with the parent loop value for that child loop. We haven't been able to figure out how to reference and overwrite the elements within the segment from the OnUserEndNode script. Would you have any information on how to accomplish this?


Vijay Kundu said...

Hi Ramesh,

Can you please provide some inputs how to create this HL looping structure. I tried adding rules in document editor but still there is simple HL loop in xsd file.

Please advise. I am using 870 for outbound.

Vijay Kundu.

Ramesh Nittur said...

Please let us know the use case.