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Monday, November 12, 2007

Rosettanet Automated Enablement - RAE

Rosettanet Automated Enablement

As all of us are aware that the Rosetteanet standard is adapted heavily in the High Tech industry for addressing various business challenges. RAE is aimed at small to medium sized customer who has challenges in terms of lack of expertise in implementing RN stack, lack of complex infrastructure, complexity in nature, cost involved in it and the time to market. These challenges will make the mid-small customer not complying to RN standard thereby failing to do business with High tech Biggies even being compitative in the product line. RAE has great backing from Industry biggeies such as Cisco, Hewlett Packard, Motorola, Nokia etc. enabling the mid-small supplier to reap the benifit of Rosettanet

It involves,

1. Trip - PIP : through which it is possible to use XML tools availble in the market to define PIPs. Through this
it is possible to define multiple scenario.
2. Trip - PF : Presentation format for TIP-PIP , and is decided to be in PDF.
3. Trading partner will develop the TRIP - PIP and Implementors provide TRIP - PF
4 The Registry specification defines the requirements for posting and retrieving TPIR-PIPs and TPIR-PFs.

what RAE for a Supplier

Fill out various business related details using a PDF file and send it to RAE Implementors. PDF files has place holders for collecting various details which adheres to Trip- PIP schema. RAE Implementors inturn transform the PDF file content to PIP Schema and send it to the Trading partner having RN solution. In the reverse direction, when RAE implementor gets the PIP data , it transform it into Human readable PDF files and send it to the end supplier.

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