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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

JMS Delivery Channel Setup Guide & FAQ

Please follow this link for JMS Delivery Channel Setup guide.


1. Where do i place my JMS providers binaries (jar files, example, weblogic.jar) in B2B so that it can connect to target JMS system?

opmn.xml, refer the guide for more details and sample configuration.

2. Getting classloading and/or version mismatch major/minor exception when connecting to other JMS providers?

B2B runs on top of JDK1.4, if your third party JMS binaries are compiled against higher versions of JDK you may have this error. Please have the binaries in classpath those are compatible with JDK1.4.

3. Why principals and credentials are always sent by B2B even if it is not configured in Delivery Channel Setup?
Just rename or remove the file under $ORACLE_HOME/ip/config and restart B2B, you should be good to go.

Please post your comments and/or other challenges in configuring JMS. We will add pointers in this post to address those challenges.

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