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Monday, April 6, 2009

Functional Acknowledgement in HL7 and how to override.

Functional Acknowledgement in HL7 are used to indicate a state of Accpetance by the Application layer. It can be used for sending the translation, validation status. Typical business message in HL7 is

MSH|^~\&|ACME APP|ACME FAC|GC APP|GC FAC|20050804162010||ADT^A01|13463138|P|2.3.1|||AL|AL|US|ASCII|ENG
PID|1||A0000010||TEST, Patient 01_10||20001001|F

typical Acknowledgement in HL7 is

MSH|^~\&|app HL7|| ||20010508150310||MSA|567890|P|2.3|||


Functional Acknowledgement need to be configured in the Document layer. The flag isFunctionalAck required controls whether an FA is needed are not. Make sure to define a Document Type with the name and revision of ACK_A01/2.3.1(as that of business message) attached Business action in the agreement.

It is possible to override the "isFunctionalAck" flag by sending MSH.15 with following values.

AA - Application Accept
AE - Application Error
AR - Application Reject
CA - Commit Accept
CE - Commit Error
CR - Commit Reject

How to override MSH.15

OracleAS Integration B2B checks the payload (MSH.15) of an incoming message to check if an acknowledgment must be generated. However, in some HL7 systems, MSH.15 is not sent in the payload, although an acknowledgment is still expected to be sent. To enable OracleAS Integration B2B to handle this case, set the following flag in

When this flag is set, OracleAS Integration B2B uses the value, AL, as the value for MSH.15 in the payload.

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