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Monday, March 2, 2009

MLR8 - Oracle B2B transport features

  • VAN mailbox support
  • FTP "CCC" command support
VAN Mailbox Support

Supported Proctols: FTP

  1. The support has been provided in B2B for wide range of VAN implementation that includes FTP based mailbox implementation in addition to regular FTP interface on VAN.
Clear Command Channel ("CCC") Support

Supported Proctols: FTP

  1. The "CCC" support enables B2B to authenticate the channel over SSL on FTP and exchange other commands on plain socket for control communication.
  2. This can be enabled at the delivery channel level.
The SSL based communications are relatively slower than the data transmission on plain channel. This feature helps customers to increase the performance of B2B FTP interface without compromising on the security part. Enabling, this feature makes B2B to exchange "password" over secured channel and rest of the ftp commands on plain channel (socket) on the same connection. Technically, B2B swaps the underlying connection to secure and non-secure and vice-versa as needed.

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