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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

MLR8 - Post install

Users interested on FTP/File/SFTP please continue reading, others may opt to skip this. Heard from users that even after successful installation of MLR8, few transport specific features do not appear to be enabled in UI. If you encounter similar problem, please follow the below to resolve the same.

How to verify the new features of MLR8?

This patch would create transport parameters like "is VAN Mailbox" and "Clear Command Channel" etc., for FTP protocol. After successful installation of patch, if you are going to use any of MLR8 features and/or transport specific features of recent MLRs, please verify your FTP protocol by creating a FTP delivery channel. You should see the aforementioned parameters as part of "transport parameter" configuration.

If those are available, then you can configure B2B for FTP (CCC) and other FTP features of MLR8.


If those parameter are not available, you could create the same by yourself by following the steps below.

1. Run setenv.bat/ under $ORACLE_HOME/ip/install
2. Shutdown B2B midtier - "opmnctl shutdown"
3. Go to patch exploded directory, "cd /files/ip/config/"
4. run the command to create the transport seed parameter - "java"

You are good to go now, #4, would see that the transport features of patch "MLR8 and earlier" also get seeded so that you could consume those.

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