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Sunday, June 1, 2008

How To Handle Trimming Spaces in the EDI payload

Ideally there should not be Trimming spaces in the EDI payload , which results in a parsing Error while message processing. This can be handles either by

a. Requesting the customer to Trim the spaces in the end of the payload.
b. Ignoring the Parsing error due to spaces. This can be done by

suppressing the error in $ORACLE_HOME/ip/oem/edifecs/XEngine/config/ErrorSeverityConfig.xml

An error code example is 50420000. In this example, you need to append this towards the end of the ErrorSeverityConfig.xml file.

<Criteria Name="ErrorID" Value="50420000"/>
<SetSeverity SeverityID="0"/>

1 comment:

Dibya said...

Hi Ramesh,

Can we use the property oracle.tip.adapter.b2b.edi.enablePreprocess=true to remove the trailing white spaces in the EDI file.

PLease let us know.