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Sunday, June 1, 2008

File Naming convention in File/FTP Delivery channel

Often times it is a challenge to follow the file naming convention as it is send by the Trading partner. However for File/FTP Delivery Chanel following a File naming convention is mandatory if the identification is based on Exchange. This can be addressed by

1. Setting oracle.tip.adapter.b2b.allTPInOneDirectory = false and create a directory specific to the trading partner and have the Trading Partner drop the files in the Trading Partner specific folder. This will help B2B to identify the Trading partner with out any file naming convention.

2. Identify the trading partner using Group sender /Interchange sender ID.

Create an Identification as EDI Interchange ID/EDI Group ID in the Trading Partner profile, and assign a value. Make sure to have Trading partner send this value in either Interchange Sender ID or Group Sender ID in the payload. EDI Interchange ID /Group ID defined in the Trading Partner profile need not have to be part of the Identifier used in the agreement.


Anonymous said...

I have a DC and a Transport with Protocol = File - 1.0; host name = localhost. Where do I place my files on the server and what do I supply as end point.
Where does B2B look for the files on the server. If I create a folder on the server for TP Acme say /u02/app/oracle/product/10.1.2/b2b/Acme and place my files here then what do I specify as the end point so that B2B would poll this folder. Do I have to give full path as end point.

Ramesh Nittur said...


You can place the file in one of the end point on the same box and define the end point as the complete folder path.
File naming convention typically follows tradingpartnername_uniqueNumber.txt e.g Globalchips_123.txt.

P.S This is assuming Acme is host and you are sending the file from GlobalChips. If Globalchips is host you want to
define DC under GlobalChips and name the file as Acme_123.txt. HTH.


Ramasubramani said...

Hi Ramesh,
Is the Identification Sender ID / Group ID set as the part of payload data or part of B2B header message which contains Payload data along with FROM_PARTY, TO_PARTY etc..?