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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Steps to configure and test the Dynamic Email feature of Oracle AS B2B

  1. Import the tutorial samples of ( for e.g:EDIFACT ) of in 2 environments for Acme and GlobalChips
  2. Provide a new delivery channel detail and create the agreement for both Acme and GlobalChips
    1. In the delivery channel provide the endpoint of the IMAP Server.
    2. Provide the username/password (e.g.: user1/user1)

Scenario 1:

This is the normal scenario, where in (Acme) will send a message to (GlobalChips)

When observed in the log/the email client, we can see the message in the inbox of User2

Scenario 2:

Enable the actionName attribute to test the dynamic email scenario.
actionName =;EmailSubject:UNB

In this case, edit endpoint details to point to another email id and change the username/password.

When observed in the log/the email client, we can see the message in the inbox of User3. Though the in the acme machine, the configuration for GlobalChips is reading user2, due to the dynamic email feature, the mail gets delivered to user3. Ideally, this can be well tested if we have 3 environments for each user.

Sample enqueue script:

queue = IP_OUT_QUEUE
replyToMsgID =
from = Acme
to = GlobalChips
#actionName =;EmailSubject:UNB
#eventName = Process_ORDERS
doctypeName = ORDERS
doctypeRevision = D98A
payload = Acme_orders.xml
attachment =

In the above enqueue script, the actionName has 2 pieces.

o DynamicEmail

In this case, the message gets delivered to the email address specified in the properties

o EmailSubject

The value of EmailSubject is “UNB”. In this case, the email subject will contain the UNB segment of the EDIFACT Message. If the "EmailSubject" has the value other than "UNB", then that string itself will be considered as the subject.

Note: The Dynamic email attribute does not require any additional configuration.

IMAP Server Setting:

Install any free IMAP email servers.

Create 3 users (e.g :,, )

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