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Friday, August 31, 2007

Handling Positional Flat file

Apart from the capability of Handling XML file and Traditional EDI file based on various XML and EDI Standard, Oracle AS B2B also provides an option to Handle positional Flat File.

In Positional EDI Document can be processed using Custom Document Plugin and following are the steps for the same.

1. Apply the latest B2B patch on Installation.

2. Add the parser into registryValidator.xml


For EANCOM Based positional Flat file

There is a need to edit the registryValidator.xml to include the EANCOM parser schema. Open the eancom.ecs file that you have generated using B2B Document Editor in step 3 and Goto Tools->Generate Parser Schema. Save the parser schema for this eancom.ecs file as eancomparser.ecs . Copy this file to ORACLE_HOME/ip/oem/edifecs/XEngine/config/schema directory. Then edit $ORACLE_HOME/ip/oem/edifecs/XEngine/config/registryValidator.xml to include this eancomparser.ecs. For example,

<Item Name="SchemaFile">$ORACLE_HOME/ip/oem/edifecs/XEngine/config/schema/eancomparser.ecs</Item>

3. Design the ecs file in spec builder depending on the Positional Flat file.

4. As part of Document protocol Revision Override the Document Protocol parameter by specifying the ImplementationClass as oracle.tip.adapter.b2b.document.custom.CustomIDocumentPlugin

5. Provide the IDOC Ecs file as part of the Document definition Parameter along with start position and End position.

6. Run the End to End test.


Dipal said...

Hi Ramesh,

What does this step do?

2. Add the parser into registryValidator.xml


and the start and stop position is related to? I am not sure what should be start and stop position for my custom PFF. Any tips on how to find that out?


Dipal Patel

Ramesh Nittur said...

This is to do with changing some preseeded setting for the XEngine to process the positional file.