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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Use of Document Routing ID in B2B

Oracle AS B2B comes with two different internal queues and are created based on IP_MESSAGE_TYPE structure whose definition is

as follows.

MSG_ID Varchar(128)
FROM_PARTY Varchar(512)
TO_PARTY Varchar(512)
ACTION_NAME Varchar(512)
DOC_TYPE_NAME Varchar(512)
MSG_TYPE Number(38)


This is a default Internal Delivery Channel which is used for inbound communication i.e If the agreement do not have any

Internal Delivery Channel B2B uses this as the default internal delivery channel for sending the message to the back end

application. This comes pre-seeded with the product.


This is a default Internal Delivery Channel which is used for outbound communication i.e for an internal application to send the message to the Trading Partner.This comes pre-seeded with the product.

Both of these are multi-consumer queues. Back end application uses consumer name attribute in the AQ message header to selectively deque the message from the IP_IN_QUEUE. For e.g If the BPEL Process has to deque only the HL7 message then the AQ adapter deque those messages whose consumer name is the same as what is configured in Document Routing ID for defining the HL7 Document type as part of B2B configuration.

Document Routing ID in Oracle AS B2B is part of the Document Type parameter in Document Definition Parameters page for a specific Document Type and is available as for all Document plugin in Oracle AS B2B. The default consumer name is b2buser when B2B Server enqueues to the IP_IN_QUEUE. This can be overrided by the Document Routing ID.

Following are the typical use cases supported by configuring the Document Routing ID.

1. TO distinguish between two Trading partner using the same Document Type.
2. To distinguish between two different Document Type belong to the same Trading partner.

You can change/Define/Override the Document routing ID for an existing Document Type for a specific Trading partner. This is done while defining the operational capability of a specific trading partner by unchecking the check box Use default Document definition and specifying appropriate Document Routing ID.

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