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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Acknowledgement in Oracle AS B2B for HealthCare Protocol

Oracle AS B2B supports various types of Acknowledgement as part of HealthCare Protocol offering.

1. Functional Acknowledgement : The flag isFunctionalAck required controls whether an HL7 ACK) is needed are not. The flag isFunctionalAclHandledbyB2B controls when FA is required whether it is generated in B2B or it comes from Back End application such as BPEL. This option is useful only when isFunctionalAck required is YES. The flag isFunctionalAclHandledbyB2B should be set to 'YES', unless there is special way ACK is generated outside B2B. Functional Ack is generated using the XEngine in B2B and captures all the translation and validation errors.

2. Immediate Ack : The turn around time of Functional Acknowledgement is considered to be little high for some business critical healthcare application as it captures both translation, validation error and is generated by Xengine. An alternative in which case is Immediate Ack which is generated and transmitted in the TCP transport layer instead of the Document layer in case of FA resulting in response time as low as 1 sec.

Oracle AS B2B can send immediate acknowledgment in three modes and the same can be mentioned using the

oracle.tip.adapter.b2b.hl7.immediateAck= <mode>

default : B2B will parse the incoming HL7 message and generate ack from it.
In this mode b2b can send the ack to the sending application with correlation details (ex. Control number from the incoming Message, Sending App.. etc)
Hence TP Application can correlate the incoming ACK message.

simple : B2B will send the pre-defined ack message to the sender and will not parse the message.

custom : B2B will read the custom HL7 ack message based on a configurable file content.
oracle.tip.adapter.b2b.hl7.immediateAckFile = < file path >

Reads the file from the above location and send it as in ACK to the sender.

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