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Monday, April 14, 2008

Deployment in Oracle B2B

Refer to Chapter 13 on Creating and Deploying a configuration.

Deployment through Script

The following sql stmt makes the agreements available for deployment.
SQL> update tip_agreement_t set lifecyclestate='Approved';

It is possible to write a script encapsulating the following public API.

java oracle.tip.configuration.ConfigurationManager
-standalone <congif Name> -- To create configuration based on all approved agreement.

java oracle.tip.configuration.ConfigurationManager -standalone <configName> <approved agrmtName1> <approved agrmtName2>

-deploy <configuration-name>
-abort <configuration-name>
-discard <configuration-name>
-retire <configuration-name>
-reactivate <configuration-name>
-queryName <configuration-name>
-queryStatus <configuration-lc-state>
-quiesce <configuration-name>
-quiesce allActive

1 comment:

Anonymous said...


This article was extremly helpful to me,

just a note for someone who wants to de-activate a current deployment .

go to following directory


type the following command

java oracle.tip.configuration.ConfigurationManager quiesce EDI_X123

where EDI_X123 is Configuration whose effect will be after the command it will be Quiesed which needs to be reactivated later

Madhusudhan Rao @ Oracle