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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Flexible File Naming convention in File and FTP transport

File name or directory name for File/FTP transport can be customized using various MACRO provided as part of Transport Parameters.

Use case : Consider a scenario where in the outbound file name has to be created based on

a. From Party
b. To Party
c. DocTypeName
d. DocTypeRevision
e. ActionName

Solution : There is an introduction of new File name format and Directory name format as transport parameters in File/FTP protocol.

e.g filename Format to be specified as %FROM_PATRY%_%TIME_STAMP%

The format for these parameters can be constructed by using following macros


%FROM_PARTY% (Sender Trading Partner Of Inbound Message)
%TO_PARTY% (Receiver Trading Partner Of Inbound Message)


%FROM_PARTY% (Sender Trading Partner Of Outbound Message)
%TO_PARTY% (Receiver Trading Partner Of Outbound Message)

Note : configure the file name format as filename_format transport protocol parameter while defining the Delivery channel. You need to apply latest patch 7322333 on top of For internal delivery channel use internal filename format parameter.

e.g filename format %FROM_PARTY%_%TIMESTAMP%.dat

P.S It is always advisable to apply the latest patch and not the patch mentioned in this post

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