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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Identification of Document - Custom Over EBMS

Identification of Document - Custom Over EBMS

Inbound : Ideally Custom Document Plugin identify the document based on Xpath Expression and value. In the EBXML world the identification is based on action name of the incoming document. To provide this flexibility oracle B2B tries to Identify the document, based on the Xpath expression if present, else identify based on the incoming action name.

Outbound : Along with the typical Identification of Agreement based on From, To , DocType and Revision, it can also be Identified based on From,To and Action_Name where the Action_Name has to be mapped against the business Action Name.


By setting the above AQ (ACTION_NAME for jms) property, TPA identification can be done using business action instead of document type and revision. This is typical use case in ebms

Example :
from = Acme
to = GlobalChips
payload = Acme_850.xml

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