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Monday, December 10, 2007

How to handle Host/Trading partner with Multiple Idenfier

Lets consider an organization which has multiple business units with different Trading Partner Identification of same Type.

e.g Host has multiple DUNS number as identification with value 111111111 and 222222222.

This feature provides a capability to handle Multiple DUNS eventhough it is not part of the agreement, but still present as part of the Trading partner Idenfitification.

For outbound messages, instead of setting the AQ header 'From' as Name Identification set it as DUNS:value

e.g DUNS:111111111 and the same is applicable to 'To' attribute in the AQ header.

In this case, B2B will use the identification type and value
for Agreement Identification and also for populating the exchange headers.


As part of the Trading partner Identification B2B compares the Exchange identifier with various Identification value of the same exchange Identifier type.

For e.g For an incoming document with Trading partner DUNS: 333333333, it compares with all the DUNS number of the Trading Partner. If any one of the DUNS number matches it identifies the appropriate Trading partner. The identified trading partner name is used for Agreement identification.

Added a new Exchange Parameter for EBMS Exchange:SendPartyTypeAndValue and the value for this parameter could be true/false. Default value is false. If the value is true, b2b will enqueue partyid:value to FROM/TO Trading partner.

For specifying a different seperator than : , set the following property.


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