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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Various Acknowledgement in EDI

I have already talked a little bit about Functional Acknowledgement. Typically it is called 997 in X12 and is defined in each and every version of X12 such as 4010,4020 etc, where as the same is called Control in EDIFACT and is of version D3.

In the EDI world, people often get confused Functional Acnowledgement with Exchange/Transport level acknowledgement and also the Application level confirmation such as Purchase order Acknowledgment such as 855.

Exchange Level Acknowledgement/Trnasport Level :

Acknowledgement such as MDN i.e Message disposition notification in AS2 or Acknowledgement in EBMS specified the aknowledgement of the business message
in the enterprise only w.r.t meeting the security aspects such as verifying the signed message and decrypting the encrypted message and uncompress it if it is a compressed message and it do nothing w.r.t the payload validity or the business level integration.

Functional Acknowledgement :

Functional Acknowledgement as a Best Practices is handled in most of
the cases using B2B Application level and it caters to validation of the business message w.r.t any defined grammer such as schema,DTD or anything specific to EDI and it also specifies the translation status etc.

It is also possible to handle this in the back end application by delegating the Functioanl Acknowledgement generation to the back end application , however the correllation happens in the B2B.

The flag isFunctionalAck required controls whether an ACK) is needed are not. The flag isFunctionalAclHandledbyB2B controls whether FA is required and it is generated in B2B or it comes from Back End application such as BPEL. This option is useful only when isFunctionalAck required is YES. The flag isFunctionalAclHandledbyB2B should be set to 'YES', unless there is special way ACK is generated outside B2B. Functional Ack is generated using the XEngine in B2B and captures all the translation and validation errors.

To enqueue a query response from BPEL to B2B, populate the replyToMsgID field of
IPMessage with the MsgID field of the incoming message.

Application Acknowledgement :

Application Acknowledgement such as Purchase order Acknowledgement is from the ERP application and caters to the process integration status.


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Ramesh Nittur said...

Please let me know if you have any challenge in EDIFACT message processing.