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Monday, September 17, 2007

Custom Code List - EDI

Use case : using Interchange Receiver ID qualifier or Interchange Sender ID qualifier ZZ which is not there in the standard code list as part of the Document Protocol Parameter configuration.

Follow the below steps.

1. Modify the interchange ecs file to add the "ZZ" in the standard code list_007.
2. This can be done by editing the Interchange ecs file in the spec builder and adding zz in the S003/007/Standard Code List_007
3. Use the updated ecs while configuring the EDIFACT document protocol parameter as interchange ECS.
4. re-deploy the agreement after validation.
5. Make sure your transactionset ecs do not have any envelope information.

How to test:

Exhange an EDI document whose Interchange Receiver ID as ZZ. It should work :)

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