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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Document vs Exchange level Acknowledgement

Acknowledgment are of two types,

1. Document Acknowledgment - Acknowledgment which is sent/consumed by the document layer and it caters more for sending validation, translation status, it can also be considered as Application acknowledgement.

e.g Functional Acknowledgment(997)/Control in EDI/HL7 protocol.

Typically Functional acknowledgment are send/received by B2B, however there is always a fallback option to send FA by the back end application only for a use case which cant be handled by B2B.

e.g To send some of the specific segment in the inbound business message as part of the outbound control/FA, for which there is no mapping in B2B Functional Acknowledgment. Back end Application need to generate the Functional acknowledgment using the internal property of the inbound business message.

How to enable Document level Acknowledgment

The flag isFunctionalAck required controls whether an FA is needed are not. Make sure to define a Document Type with the name and revision of 997/4010(any) or control/D3 with an attached Business action in the agreement.

2. Exchange Acknowledgment/MDN/Ack

Exchange level acknowledgment are called MDN in AS2 and Acknowledgment in RNIF and eBMS case. Exchange level acknowledgment signifies the status of validity of Exchange message, verify,decrypt functionality and sends a negative
acknowledgment to the initiator of the business message for any issues.

How to enable Exchange level Acknowledgment

The flag IsAcknowledgement handled by B2B enables B2B to generate and consume Exchange level Acknowledgment. However it is possible to delegate this functionality to back end application by setting this flag to OFF.


Robert said...

Hi. With regard to this flag IsAcknowledgementHandledbyB2B, currently I have a number of trading partners on AS2 exchange. When sending documents, ie. Purchase Orders we are using the standard MDN capability which is reported in B2B Integration Suite Reports when supplier systems receive files from us.

If I change this setting to No for IsAcknowledgementHandledbyB2B, what happens to the suppliers MDN message, are we able to dequeue this from the B2B IP_IN_QUEUE as with other inbound messages ?

I would like to be able to capture this exchange confirmation and pass through the BPEL Service that enqueued the Purchase Order to B2B. Is this possible ?

Many Thanks

Ramesh Nittur said...

Do you mean, you would like to generate MDN in b2b but consume MDN in back end application. If so, there is no such feature. You might want to set IsAcknowledgementHandledbyB2B =false and delegate both generate/consume MDN to back end application.

Robert said...

Thanks. So once the IsAcknowledgementHandledbyB2B =false is set for a Trading Partner relationship what is the effect on MDNs we receive from suppliers.

So we send a PO via AS2 and normally in B2B Integration Suite Business Reports I can see the MDN sent from the supplier, with the option off what happens to the suppliers MDN received into B2B ?

The option can be set for different documents, so I would assume I can have it set to True for our inbound documents, i.e. Invoice so the standard MDN is generated back to the supplier from B2B Integration Suite.

Ramesh Nittur said...

So once the IsAcknowledgementHandledbyB2B =false then MDN is sent to Back end application for processing.