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Monday, December 1, 2008

Overdue Acknowledgements - Identify and Take action

How to Handle Overdue Acknowledgments?

Oracle AS B2B provides a feature to configure a timeout value with in which the Functional Acknowledgment has to be received for Outbound business messages.

After successful transmission of EDI Message, B2B must wait for Functional Acknowledgment for configured time. If FA is not received, B2B will enqueue an Error message to B2B Inbound Queue.

set oracle.tip.adapter.b2b.FAWaitTimeOut= time

where time is in minutes.

With FAwaitTimeOut configuration, B2B inserts a Timeout event. If FA is not received with in the time out period, B2B will enqueue an error message.

It is possible to develop a BPEL process to listen on to B2B Inbound queues with B2BERRORUSER and send further notification in the form of fax/phone/SMS etc.

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