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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

B2B Startup Issues for a listening End point

Oracle AS B2B will not start if it failed to initialize any of the transport listening end point during start up. Listening end point mean, any end point which has a polling interval.

The user community feels that just for a failure in initialization of some of the listening end points , it is in-appropriate not to start the B2B. This might also results in a huge impact in the business and is justfied in a use case with large number of listening end point. Failure in some of the end point should be ignored and B2B should be started by necessary logging of the failed end points.

With this fix B2B will start even in the following cases.

1) If any receiving delivery channel is misconfigured, such as username and password is not specified for FTP transport.

2) During initialization time, B2B is not able to connect to dataource.

B2B will log the error message as "transport could not be initialized" in b2b.log and the transport logs with the details about the listening end point in the following format


Log also carries information about the delivery channel which failed to initialize.

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