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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Interesting Macros in EDI and HL7

Macros play an important role in XEngine, when there is an use case to fill this data in the B2B Layer, instead of sending it from the Back end application.

1. controlNumber.

In case of Outbound Messages, B2B Generates the control number only in case the Back end application send the EDI message with the Keyword #controlNumber for e.g.


Oracle AS B2B fills in the unique number for Interchange and Transaction set Control Number and uses it for correlating the incoming Control messages.

2. SegmentCount

Segment count for the current EDI Document. Xengine will replace with the approprite values. e.g #SegmentCount#

3. MessageSendingFacility

MSH Position 4.1 e.g #Property(MessageSendingFacility)#

4. MessageSendingApp

MSH Position 3.1 e.g #Property(MessageSendingApp)#

5. MessageReceivingApp

MSH Position 5.1 e.g #Property(MessageReceivingApp)

6. MessageReceivingFacility

MSH Position 6.1 e.g #Property(MessageReceivingFacility)#

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