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Friday, August 8, 2008

Broadcast feature in Oracle AS B2B 10g

Broadcast feature of Oracle AS B2B 10g enables the users to send the same message to multiple trading partners. This gives the flexibility to the users to create their own groups of trading partners specific to the business needs. The back-end application can then send a message to the group and B2B will send the message to all the members of the group.

The salient points of the feature are:

  1. Prevent BPEL to send multiple files there by reducing the traffic on
    BPEL-B2B and also in the B2B.
  2. Bring the concept of trading partner groups in B2B and use it for
    broadcasting. This will prevent BPEL user to know about Trading partner details as well as the Group as this is B2B specific meta data
  3. This is an event driven approach to handle the multiple messages to various trading partner
This is an optional feature which can used on a need basis by specifying the group name as part of "actionName" attribute. The "actionName" attribute would look like

actionName = Grouping:<name of the group>

This feature requires an additional identifier to be added for the Trading partner indicating the group. This can be achieved by creating a new custom Identifier and associating the same for the required trading partners

Steps to create a custom Identifier in B2B UI:

Administration -> Design -> Trading Partner Identification Types -> Create

P.S: Every New trading partner Identification requires a redeployment of the Agreement

This is available as part of MLR - # 3
Patch # 7184219

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