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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Handling Multiple Group ID - Multiple Departments of the same Enterprise

Consider a case where in the Enterprise GlobalCust has Two internal Department with name GlobalChips and GlobalCorp. Trading partner Acme wants to send messages to the two department by referring GlobaclChips and GlobalCorp in the Group ID.

1. Create two Identifier of Type EDI Group ID .
2. One with value GlobalChips and Another with GlobalCorp.
3. Add oracle.tip.adapter.b2b.edi.identifyFromTP = Group in the and
restart B2B.
4. Create an Agreement with EDI Group ID as value GlobalChips.
5. Turn off the validation.

Send two message with Application Recipient Code as GlobalChips and GlobalCorp. Both of these messages should be accepted by B2B Engine with the To Party as GlobalCust.

P.S For generating FA similar to Inbound Business message please set

oracle.tip.b2b.edi.FAInternalProperties=true in

P.S Make sure to disable the validation.

Another way of enabling this feature is by using the following


Provide those identifier which will be different from the configured one.

Few of the sample identifiers are as follows:

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