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Friday, October 12, 2007

Oracle AS B2B - Performance Best Practices

I am sharing some of the Best practices for Oracle AS B2B Performance. Please feel free to add and make it helpful for the B2B community.


2. set oracle.tip.adapter.b2b.sleepTimeout=1 in (default value 10)

3. use multiple worker IP listener threads in B2B and make sure to do appropriate testing as it is most suited for multiple processor. This is done by setting oracle.tip.adapter.b2b.NumOfIPListeners to appropriate values. However this is not a well tested feature.

4. Use custom queues for processing outbound messages instead of IP_OUT_QUEUE. If you have more load, create multiple queues and load balance among them. For e.g for every 2 messages/sec create an additional queue.

5. oracle.tip.adapter.b2b.defaultIdcOn=false. This turns off the message retrieval from default delivery channel, in case of custom queues as in step 4.

6. change the Log level from DEBUG to ERROR in

7. Batching messages for outbound . This is only for EDI messages.

8. Index B2B_CTLNUM_IN, B2B_CTLNUM_OUT for better EDI throughput.


10.Set the following variables in opmn.xml
<variable id="LDR_CNTRL" value="MAXDATA=0XB0000000@DSA" />
<variable id="LD_PRELOAD" value="/opt01/app/ESIP/oracle/esip10gR2iAS/B2B10gR2/iAS/ip/oem/edifecs/XEngine/bin/" />

11. Set the following JVM parameters in opmn.xml
<data id="java-parameters" value="-verbose:gc -Xp20m,5m -Xloratio0.3 -Xms1024M -Xmx2048m -Xss6144K -Xoss6144K" />

12. Configuring the Row Fetch size

13. Set aq_tm_process = 10 and restart Database. Please note that this value has to be arrived based on the CPU/Memory available. For small to medium infrastructure set the value of 3-5.

14. Use TPACache.

15. Set oracle.tip.adapter.b2b.receiveTimeout=1

16. For better performance, it is advised to deploy the agreements in one Config. Following this suggestion is discretionary.

17. Set appropriate value of polling interval for AQ/JMS based Delivery channel


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Anonymous said...

The best Article and very relavant information i was searching for. We are using Oracle B2B for a hospital in Hong Kong and there were performance implication. I am excited to use these suggestion to address the same. Ramesh , thanks a ton and i expect a continued support from you.

Kudos to you.


Tom Hofte said...

Hi Ramesh,

Can you explain to me what point 2 is about? The sleep timeout property is a bit unclear to me..



Ramesh Nittur said...

This will set the message listener polling interval. Low value should be specified for quicker response.

Örjan Bernt Lundberg said...

re 4.

Is this supposed to be one queue per document type etc?

Can you provide an example


Ramesh Nittur said...

Not a must, even though it makes a good practice.

tobias said...

For #11 (memory parameters) which section in opmn.xml is updated ?

process-type id="B2BServer"
process-type id="OC4J_B2B"

OR both ?